we are talented in general cleaning and here we are to help you post clean your building.
we have experienced personel who are cleint friendly and they are well experience in doing their work.
with oer ten yeras in post cleaning we are sure that e beat the best in post cleaning.
solcity shine cleaners company we have adopted a very unique way and procedure of post cleaning to make sure that we dont compromise quality and also make our client happy for we believe client is boss…’

we follow the following steps to acomplish our task:
1. we remove the larger debris and sort them
2. then place each material at a safe place for it may be reused later
3. we remove the thin and sand wastes
then cleaning starts from the fartest end and also from the topmost area to make sure that once we are done we dont dirtfy again where we have cleaned.


The cleaning continues untill we finally finish at the main entrance rom which we do the after cleaning inspection before winding up our tas.
feel free to ask for a quote,free advice and inspection fron our esteemed company.

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